We are launching our Kickstarter on April 25th!

We have found a company that can do a lower print run!

Game Crafter typically is used to make Demo copies or very small print runs. We are going to use them if there is less than 500 units. This will cost $39.27 so we will barely cover the costs of each unit. Now once we get around 100 units it will drop to $27.61 which is still more than a retailer would pay for a game with an MSRP of $44. This will make it much harder to pay for any of the Art or Marketing and other expenses incurred in the production of this game, but it gets some money in and we think that as soon as people are able to play the game and show it to friends that will help immensely.

We have been working on several Expansions that are very close to being done. The Alchemy Shoppe should be done in a few weeks, well before the end of the Kickstarter. The Clockworks will be done a week or so later, so likely to be 100% done before the end of the Kickstarter as well.

We also have quite a few Boosters of 6 cards that will be ready for purchase. These will be very limited print runs, All Hallow’s Eve and Luck o’the Irish will only be available through the Kickstarter. Summer Solstice and Spring Renewal might be available for a little bit after the Kickstarter, but it depends on the demand.

Survive the Titan is actually a taste of the 3rd Expansion “Titans Awake. It will have a version of Dearth, the Titan of Famine, that will not be available anywhere else. It will also introduce a new mechanic that gives a “Legacy” feel to the game.